Sunday, June 11, 2006

Business Ideas that might work for you

Hi all,

Are you still working on a business idea? Still need some inspiration? well i am here to cheer you up and give you some ideas. As i watch the nba finals i thought i'd post some information and motivate and than you guys for visiting my blogs on starting a business, I am so so impressed with mark cuban (owner of dallas mavericks), the man was an entrepreneur that became a billionaire because he had a dream and went after it. Cuban established the first internet broadcast radio back in 95 and took his company public and became a billionaire in less than 24 hours, you too can achieve your dreams if you just get some idea and stick with it.

I had an idea to create a service similar to what is offering and my service would focus on highschool students from the past and present and they would blog all of their experiences and communicate their message out to the rest of the world.

This is a pretty good idea but the workload is a little too much for me to handle so I am not going after it right now.

I also had the Idea for technology Tv 11 years ago and i thought it would have been cool to have a internet tv station dedicated to technology, I had no money to fund this and my idea became a reality for another company.

Listen to me, you can make it with your ideas but make sure that it is something that people will need/buy/use!

Business Guy

Saturday, June 10, 2006

working the hours of 9 to 5 is very horrible

Its me again,

I have to tell you that working 9 to 5 is so so horrible and is not going to make you rich at all, these days the traffic is worst, gas prices are insane and having to show up at an office like a corporate robot is the worst of them all.

Starting a business is the best thing anyone can do for themselves and for their family, did you know that our business structure is based on 75% small businesses that has been started by folks such as you and I. Did you know that majority of these people were a robot before and said "I am tierd of being underpaid, under appreciated and OVER stressed". Yes majority of small businesses have fewer than 50 people employed and the owner is not a robot anymore and actually has a life that they control!

I am anti robot and believe that we must do whatever we can to improve our lives and enjoy it, we only have few many years on this planet and everyday that passes by is a day that is lost and never returned.

Keep reading my blogs and please link to my blog and let others know that we can change our lives and NOT be robots and start our own businesses!

Business Guy

First lets get a good business idea


well guys lets first start from point 1 and that is what kind of business do we want to start?
Let me tell you that the idea is the first thing that we must have in order to start a business, you can get tons of ideas by just brain storming and writing down different ideas that pop into your head. You could come up with an idea and think it is revolutionary but realize that tons of people probably have the same idea that you have, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to succeed in business.

Why not take a product or an exisiting business that you see on TV, or in the newspaper or in the building next to you work/home and improve on their idea/business/concepts.

Understand that you can make a great living if you come up with an idea and product that is needed by people and is in demand.

Make sure you think that way, think to yourself "what is it that people need to make their life better, easier, safer, more efficient". If you have a product that have a value to others then your business will be a success and you will be praised by the masses.

I was watching a tv show on abc called "Americas Next Inventor" and those people that were inventing a product based on their ideas and dreams are the type of people that are the purest Entrepreneurs on the planet. These people created a product that benefited others and they gave their life to achieve the dream of being americas next inventor.

Look around, read the papers, observe, brainstorm, hold a focus group session, do a survey, take your time.

This is important for you and your business.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post and i will continue to tell you more in the up coming blogs, i will discuss it all and if you follow my advice you will do much much better in your business and won't have to start from ground zero as i did when i started my business.

Business Guy

Starting A Business Blog

Hi everybody,

My name is james and i have been involved in business since i have been 17 years old and I have been involved with the world wide web for over 11+ years. This site is dedicated to helping you start your own business which could be internet or non internet, i have tons of valuable tips to help you succeed in your venture.

When i first started a business long time ago, there was no mentor and no help to guide me, I learned everything on my own and will share with you all that i have learned from forming a corporation to marketing and product development and selections.

So keep coming back and please spread the word and let others benefit from sound advice that is formulated from years of hard work and tons of trial and error.

Business Guy